Light bulb ban to begin at the start of the New Year

Come the start of the New Year, light bulb manufacturers will stop making traditional 40 and 60 watt light bulbs.

The 40 and 60 watt incandescent bulbs are to be banned at the start of the New Year because they don't meet energy efficiency requirements. The bulbs are to be replaced by halogen and compact fluorescent bulbs.

The replacement bulbs are significantly more expensive than the traditional bulbs, but will offer significant energy cost savings in the long run.

This ban comes on the heels of the phasing out of incandescent 75 and 100 watt bulbs earlier this year.

"It bans incandescent light bulbs, which means they did not meet the law which passed that said light bulbs have to have a certain efficiency. Incandescent bulbs don't meet that standard, that's why we have the more florescent bulbs," said Brad Selby, Kirksville Codes and Planning Director.

Although the ban begins January 1st, the 40 and 60 watt incandescent bulbs will still be available in stores until supplies run out.