Lighted Christmas Parade in Oskaloosa just around the corner

It may be Halloween, but those in Oskaloosa are already preparing for the 25th annual Lighted Christmas Parade.

On November 29 starting at 7 p.m., downtown Oskaloosa will be lit up as 60 to 80 floats make their way down the streets.

People are already hard at work on their floats and everyone wants to win that traveling trophy.

â??Oh yes. Itâ??s the pride. And then when I go get them this time of year, I mean it's like one, itâ??s they donâ??t want to give it to you and two you might as well leave it because we're going to win again this year. So itâ??s funny to see the competition because Iâ??ve never really, itâ??s a pride thing. The announcers who announce things about the floats as they go by, they need their announcers booked a couple days before so the can rehearse and look through,â?? said Karen Hafner, Oskaloosa Chamber Events Coordinator.

Friday is the last day for float entries. Click here for more information.