Lindenmayer set to retire after 33 years at Indian Hills

His is a well-known face in the Warrior Nation. Jim Lindenmayer began his career as a college recruiter at Indian Hills in 1980 and he's been president for 18 years.

"Really what attracted me to Indian Hills were, from the very beginning, the people and the attitudes of the people here and how everyone pulls together to get things done," Lindenmayer said. "That's been the greatest thing about working here."

If you ask him about his accomplishments, he's humble, but over 33 years he's been at Hills, his record speaks for itself. Indian Hills has improved their facilities, added programs, opened a Job Corps center and increased student enrollment by 45% over the last ten years. Lindenmayer is confident Indian Hills will continue to grow, even without his leadership.

"We've always said that we try to make decisions based on three things and one is what's best for the student, one is what's sound academically and one is what's good for the institution and I think those are three good, stable pillars to operate from," he said.

Lindenmayer will stay on campus until his successor is chosen, but when he does leave, he'll miss the people most of all.

"I can't remember a day when I didn't look forward to coming into work and it's all because of the people here are good to work with, they're all here for a common reason and they generally take a positive outlook about how to go about solving issues and that's been the best thing about working here all these years."

Lindenmayer has no firm date for his last day on campus, but he plans to spend his retirement in Ottumwa.