Lisa Tribble battles plasma cell leukemia

It's a word no one wants to hear, cancer. For Lisa Tribble the diagnosis of plasma cell leukemia came as a shock considering she's a very healthy person. "I was stunned, I had gone in for just a yearly exam and my doctor Suzie Poland always does blood testing and when the white blood counts came up so high we were very concerned."

She began the first of four rounds of chemotherapy on September 16, just three days after she received the diagnosis. Lisa undergoes the treatments both in Kirksville and in Columbia at Boone Hospital's Stewart Cancer Center which asked her to represent the patients at the Missouri homecoming game.

"It was a fabulous experience, my family and I got to go down on the field we walked around you know the electricity at an MU game is wonderful but being on the field is a whole different experience."

Lisa draws strength from her husband David and the rest of her family to help cope with the effects of chemotherapy. It also helps to have the support of her Unionville neighbors.

"My community has been wonderful so many calls, cards, letters, e-mails and everyone of them what can we do to help?"

Her next step is another bone marrow test on Friday to determine her stem cell transplant options. Ultimately she maintains a relentlessly positive approach.

"I'm going to beat this thing, there's just no doubt about it. I've got a family, my friends, my faith, my doctors it's just not an option, we're going to beat it and my philosophy the whole time is I'm going to be the poster child for the disease."

Lisa also encourages everyone to help make a difference by signing up for the bone marrow registry.