Literature Festival has record number of attendees

This yearâ??s Truman State University Childrenâ??s Literature Festival was a smashing success. The Literature festival celebrated its 5th consecutive year with 10 authors speaking at the event. The Literature festival also had its highest attendance numbers since the start of the festival with over 1,400 4th, 5th, and 6th graders attending from Adair county and surrounding areas. Students were allowed to attend 3 different presentations which allowed students to get to know their favorite authors a little better.

â??It's really wonderful to get to meet the kids that have read your books or the kids thinking about reading your books. I have a big thing where i really like to try and write books that have really smart characters who succeed because they're smart and i do think that's a good message. It's something I try and get out and inspire kids because the kids who read books are smart kids and you want them to know itâ??s ok to be smart. It's cool to be smart. You can solve a mystery when you're smart. You can be a great adventurer when you're smart,â?? said fiction writer Stuart Gibbs.

The event will conclude with Stuart Gibbs presentation at the Student Union Building at 7 pm on April 19th, 2013.