Little Kirksville boy attacked by dog

KTVO was contacted by a concerned viewer about a boy who suffered dog bite injuries in Kirksville.

Kirksville police say the dog was properly chained on its owner's property on Martha Street when the boy went onto the property Thursday to try to pet the dog. The boy suffered five bite marks on his face and torn skin on the side of his neck.

The dog is under a 10-day quarantine. It will be checked during that time for any signs of rabies. The owner of the Labrador Retriever were sent a vicious animal letter and have 10 days to comply with city law.

Under municipal guidelines, an animal would not be put down unless the release of the animal would create a continuing public safety hazard.

Kirksville City Ordinance:

Sec. 5-10.

Vicious animals

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to keep or harbor within the city any vicious animal, knowing the same to be vicious, unless the following requirements are met:

(1) Except as hereinafter provided, all vicious animals shall be confined indoors in such a manner that will not allow such animal to exit the building or structure on its own volition.

(2) No person shall permit a vicious animal to go outside the building or structure in which it is confined unless such animal is muzzled by a muzzling device sufficient to prevent such animal from biting persons or other animals, and either:

a. Confined to a securely enclosed and locked pen or kennel with sides and a secure top attached to the sides, or

b. Securely leashed with a leash or lead no more than four (4) feet in length, with the owner, his agent, or a member of the owner's immediate family in physical control of such leash or lead. Such animals may not be leashed, chained or tied to inanimate objects such as trees, posts, buildings, etc.

(3) All owners, keepers or harborers of vicious animals shall display in a prominent place on their premises a sign easily readable by the public using the words "Beware of Vicious Animal." In addition, a similar sign is required to be posted on the kennel or pen of such animal.

(b) The owner of any animal which attacks, bites or injures any human being or other domestic animal without adequate provocation, shall in addition to complying with the foregoing provisions, comply as follows: The owner of such animal must within seven (7) days after the date of such incident provide proof to the city clerk of public liability insurance in a single incident amount of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) and an aggregate amount of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) for bodily injury to or death of any such person or persons resulting from the ownership, keeping or harboring of such animal. Such insurance policy shall provide that no cancellation of the policy will be made unless ten (10) days' written notice is first given to the city clerk.

(Ord. No. 10811, § 1(VII), 3-21-88; Ord. No. 11958, § 1, 3-21-2011)

Sec. 5-11.

Disposition of attacking, biting, injuring animals.

(a) Any animal which attacks, bites or injures a human being or other domestic animal without adequate provocation, shall be taken up and impounded by the animal control officer at the animal shelter so designated by the city or licensed veterinarian of the owner's choice, for a period of ten (10) days, the expense thereof, to be borne by the owner of such animal.

(b) If the animal has proof of current rabies vaccination, and the victim of the attack, bite or injury requests, the animal control officer may allow the animal to be securely and safely housed with it owners for the duration of the ten-day observation period

(c) If within such period of ten (10) days the animal develops symptoms of rabies, then it shall be killed in a humane manner.

(d) If the animal does not develop symptoms of rabies at the end of such ten-day period, then it may be returned to the owner upon payment of boarding fees. The animal may be returned earlier if certified by a licensed veterinarian to be free of rabies.

(e) If the owner does not claim the animal within seven (7) days after the expiration of such ten-day period, it shall be disposed of as provided for in this chapter.

(f) If, based on a public safety concern, the police department can show cause that any animal should not be released pursuant to subsection (d), the municipal court will authorize that the animal be held until an action or disposition in court authorizes the release.

(g) If the owner, or person in control, of an animal is adjudicated as harboring a vicious animal, and the city can show cause that the release of the animal would create a continuing public safety hazard, the municipal court may authorize that the animal be permanently removed from the city limits, or killed humanely.

(Ord. No. 10811, § 1(VIII), 3-21-88; Ord. No. 11831, § IV, 4-1-2008)