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      Local apartments made from homegrown timber

      You may have noticed construction going on at the corner of Scott and Davis streets in Kirksville.

      There's something unique about it. All the wood used to build the structure comes from right here in the Heartland.

      Workers cut several trees from slaughter farms near the Gifford, Missouri area back in January.

      Workers say all the wood is oak, mostly white and red oak.

      "We do use an oil on it with a little bit of stain and we cut it a little bit so it goes on easier, but none of this timber frame will be exposed on the outside except for the front porches," said construction superintendent Ken Bolend.

      All the timber frames will be used for the vaulted wooden ceilings the apartments will have.

      We're told there will be four bedrooms in each of the seven apartments and every bedroom will have its own bathroom.

      Construction workers say the wet spring and snowy winter has slowed down their construction process, but they hope to have it completed in the near future so students can begin renting them.