Local attorney faces disciplinary action

A Kirksville attorney has a date Wednesday at the Missouri State Supreme Court.

Kirksville attorney Seth Shumaker is appealing a disciplinary decision against him.

The disciplinary action was taken by a regional panel which is responsible for action involving the state's attorneys.

The panel had recommended a public reprimand and a six month license suspension, which was stayed while Shumaker was placed on probation for six months.

Both Shumaker and the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel appealed the panel's decision.

In their filing with the Supreme Court, the Chief Disciplinary Counsel is asking that Shumaker's law license be suspended for a period of two years.

Both sides will make oral arguments to support their case before the high court on Wednesday.

We contacted Shumaker TMs office in Kirksville for a comment and were told by a secretary that she had no idea what we were inquiring about.

Shumaker disciplinary decision

Disciplinary Counsel Brief

Shumaker Brief

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