Local author shares her childhood adventures

Author Linda Hoff Clement

When you look back on your childhood what do you think about?

For some, it may be when they laid in bed and their mother's read to them Goodnight Moon.

For Linda Hoff Clement memories like these are what led her to write for other children.

Clement said it was her mother who inspired her to share her stories.

â??When my mother passed away...I (was thinking) you know, none of us are here forever,â?? Clement said.

She said this was one of her motivations to begin writing.

Saturday at the Macon Public Library Clement had a book signing and also read her books to children, which are based off of her own childhood adventures.

She said for children who want to be authors the steps couldn't be easier.

â??Just start writing it down,â?? Clement said. â??Children in school now have journals every day that they write in. (So, they should) just start writing (stories) down.â??

Asking loved ones for help is also a good idea.

â??If they want to write true stories (they should) talk to their parents and their grandparents and get some information,â?? Clement said. â??A lot of times I wish I had asked my mother more questions about things. I know there are children out there that have such wonderful imaginations. And, if they canâ??t draw maybe one of their friends (does). And, maybe they can work together to do something.â??

If you would like to purchase one of Clement's books you can email her at, or call her at (660)-395-9231.