Local cancer patient gets treatment at home

<p>A Heartland hospital is helping a local cancer patient get the proper treatment right at home.</p><p> </p>

Danny Langhamen of Atlanta has been fighting prostate cancer since 2000. In the last 14 years, he has had complications from the radiation therapy such as bleeding and pain.

He and his wife now live in San Diego but on one of his most recent trips back home, he learned through his doctors at Samaritan Hospital's Wound Healing Center in Macon about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) that could help improve his condition. He was quite excited.

"I never heard of it. I assumed my complications would be something I would live with rest of my life. I was excited to hear about it and gave it a try," Langhamen said.

For the last two months, for five days a week, for two hours, Langhamen lies in the hyperbaric chamber and allows the oxygen to do its work.

"When we do the treatment, they're in 100-percent oxygen environment under pressure.When you have radiation damage, it damages the blood vessels and you don't get an adequate supply of blood. This allows whatever blood gets there to get more oxygen," said James McDowell M.D. of Samaritan Hospital.

Langhamen is already halfway through his treatment and he and his doctors notice his symptoms are going away.

"Danny has less bladder infections and less bleeding. I'm hoping he feels better. The whole goal of treating a patient is to make them feel better," said Jim Delin M.D. Langhamen's Doctor.

Langhamen said he feels great and is grateful to the doctors and staff for that.

"Something I didn't know was available. Kind of weird coming from San Diego and not know about this and come back to Macon and find out about it. It's helping. I thank them for all they do," Langhamen said.

If you want to learn more about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Samaritan Hospital's Wound Healing Center in Macon, click here or call (660) 395-8330.