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      Local commission is now a fork in the road

      One northeast Missouri commission is now dissolved after completing and reaching their goals.

      The Highway 63 Transportation Corporation met for the final time Wednesday in Kirksville.

      After making their final payment to pay off the Four-Lane U.S. 63 from Macon to Kirksville Project to the Missouri Highways and Transportation commission back in June, the corporation has now cleaned the books and decided it was time to dissolve.

      Everyone involved in the group believes that they accomplished a lot and have left a lasting impact in the area.

      "I think it was a real victory, not just for our commission, but also for the people of north Missouri, Kirksville, and the surrounding communities. We'll see the fruits of the labor with economic development, safety, students, business transport. I think it's a win-win for everybody," said member Don Crosby.

      The group hopes the Four-Lane Macon to Kirksville Project has helped to open doors for the idea of a four-lane U.S. 63 from Kirksville to Iowa project in the future.