Local community 'legendary' water pump has been stolen

UPDATE: The North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission has enlisted Sullivan County Historical Societyâ??s help in recovering the stolen water pump.

The historical society is now offering a $350 reward for the return of the pump, and anyone with information regarding the pumpâ??s location is encouraged to contact Kathie Clay at (660)874-4294.


One local community's legendary artifact has been stolen.

The water pump that sits along Route N in Boynton, Missouri was stolen just over two weeks ago. The water well was also vandalized. The pump was unique, because it was one of the few pumps still located in the middle of the road. Legend has it, that the pump helped supply water to communities as far as Green City. Now, members of the community want the pump returned to its rightful place.

"That artifact was well known in the community, and was talked about. It's a legendary status, and somebody sought to swipe it," said Brad Scott, General Manager of the North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission.

Scott is hoping that whoever stole the pump will return it soon. The pump can be returned to the North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission, or to the Sullivan County Historical Society.