Local community prepares in the event of a chemical emergency

In light of the chemical spill in Charleston, West Virginia, Macon, Mo. is coming up with several ways to stay safe if an emergency of that sort were to happen in the Heartland.

Experts say it's important to check water processing plants periodically to make sure the water supply is not contaminated in any way. If the water is in fact contaminated, a boil advisory should be posted right away for those that are exposed to the contaminated water. In the event of a chemical situation in water sources, first responders and state officials also play an important role in keeping those safe.

"We'd get the initial information out to the fire departments, the first responders. From there we're going to notify the state, and in something that big, they'd then in turn notify the federal government and all the cleanup crews and stuff would be pulled in through the state," said Jeff Stacy, Macon County LEPC Chairman.

If you feel as though your water could possibly be contaminated, contact local law enforcement or your fire department immediately.