Local couple wins battle with Walmart

A Heartland couple battling it out with Walmart over an electric bill reached out to KTVO to get their money back... and the consumer triumphed.

Larry and Artis Bennington, of Selma, Iowa, paid their Alliant Energy electric bill through the Check Free service at Ottumwa's Walmart on February 18. Shortly after, they received a disconnect notice. Alliant Energy said the payment was never received.

Over the last few weeks, the Benningtons ran in circles trying to get the problem solved, but found it difficult to get in touch with local Walmart employees or their corporate office, which is when they reached out to us.

"We just want them to refund our money so we can go pay the power bill, they've had it for six weeks, and that's plenty of time. I can't believe they'd go this far to try and cheat somebody out of $220. Don't make any sense," Larry said.

We spoke with customer service representatives and media relations representatives at Walmart, as well as contacts at Alliant Energy to resolve the issue. Larry said he's certain this has happened to others as well.

"I like Walmart, I like a lot of their policies, but I just don't like them taking your money and just refusing to refund, and just lying to you over and over again. I don't like that," he said.

And as of Monday, around a month and a half after the bill was initially supposed to have been paid, Walmart issued the Benningtons a full refund.