Local ex-Amish man makes debut on national TV

Curtis Deierling, former Amish man from northeast Missouri

UPDATE: It appears some of the information provided to KTVO by Curtis Deierling wasn't completely accurate. Click HERE for the updated story.


A former Amish man from northeast Missouri is being featured on national television.

Curtis Deierling of Kirksville left the Amish order when he was 18 years old.

That was about six years ago.

His story is being told in two episodes of the National Geographic Channel's show, "Amish: Out of Order."

Deierling told KTVO he left the Amish group near Greentop because he felt that is what the Lord wanted him to do.

He then joined the Mennonite church.

He said the group of Amish he belonged to did not shun him like sometimes happens.

He still communicates with them and actually ministers to some of them.

"The Amish are pretty legalistic, and you have to learn German,â?? said Deierling. â??They don't really convert people, where Mennonite would be more spiritual. They would accept converts. You can still have certain biblical doctrines similar to the Amish."

Deirling said some of those he ministers to in the Greentop Amish group actually want to leave the Amish order like he did.

Crews from the documentary style show followed Deierling around from last summer through this past January.

"The Amish and Mennonite, plain people, are kind of peculiar people so I think it's a good opportunity to look into,â?? said Deierling. â??It's very entertaining, and I think people will enjoy it. You get to see a lot of Kirksville. Columbia is in it quite a bit, Mexico, Missouri (and) Macon. So, it's neat just seeing local businesses on it, too."

Deierling now drives, has electricity and even has internet.

He said, as a Mennonite, he is not supposed to own a TV.

He works as a truck driver for a Kirksville recycling company.

One of his two episodes has already aired.

Deierling said the second one will air at 9 p.m. May 22 on the National Geographic Channel.