Local farmer anticipates good harvest this fall

Yeager's corn last year.

Corn and bean planting is well underway in Southeast Iowa and Northeast Missouri.

Wapello County farmer Clark Yeager was out in the fields most of the day Wednesday planting corn across hundreds of acres of his land. Two guys were on planters helping out. Three others were on tillage equipment. Yeager says despite the long wait for warmer weather, he's actually planting corn earlier this year than last year. He told us he expects corn to yield a good harvest this fall.

"We wouldn't keep farming if we didn't think it was gonna be better this year than it was last year because you don't ever want to say it's gonna be worse than last year, but I think we've got a good chance for a good crop," he said.

Yeager and his crews began planting corn just after Easter. They expect to have 85-percent of their work by the time they wrap up Wednesday night. Yeager says the corn will be done in the next few days. Next week, he'll help his son plant beans. So far, there's been just barely enough moisture for a good corn crop.