Local farmer expects good corn harvest despite drought

Clark Yaeger's farm

Although Iowa is experiencing a severe drought, a Wapello County farmer says harvest is better for him this year than it was last.

Corn and soybean farmer Clark Yeager says this year he expects to produce 40 to 50 more bushels of corn per acre than he did last year. The intense heat and little rain last July took a toll on his crops. He says this year he has lots of beautiful ears of corn. However due to the dry weather, the yield of his soybean plants will not be as high as he had hoped.

â??Weâ??re gonna have pretty good corn here now. Now some of the beans I've looked at aren't that good, so there's a lot of space between the pods and a lot of pods are not filling up as good as they should,â?? Yaeger said, â??We did have 2/10 of an inch of rain last week, and it kind of settled the dust, and whether or not that will help the soybeans, I don't know.â??

He also says the pond on his farm is a foot higher this year than it was last year. He will begin picking his corn sometime next week.