Local food pantry collects bread for the hungry

Christian Community Food Depot has volunteers who pick up bread from local stores for their food pantry.

A Heartland food pantry is helping to go that extra mile to help feed the hungry.

As they have for years, volunteers with the Christian Community Food Depot go to supermarkets such as Hy-Vee and Walmart to pick up bread for their food pantry in Kirksville.

Every Wednesday, the bread is delivered to various counties across northeast Missouri to be given to those in need. Schuyler County gets bread on the third Wednesday of every month and Knox County gets bread on the second and fourth Wednesdays every month. In Adair County, the food is delivered to The Shrine Club in Kirksville on the first Wednesday of the month, then delivered to Hamilton Street Baptist Church for its monthly mobile food pantry.

Volunteers say bread is an important necessity that everyone needs. "It's a filler. People use it to make a sandwich. If you are hungry, bread will fill you up. It doesn't have all you need , and it's a starch...but still people like bread," said volunteer Mary Playle.

If you would like to make a donation to help the pantry, click here.