Local football team goes through Marine training

A Heartland sports team got some real in site on how it feels train for combat.

Members of the Macon County R-I High School football team had a training session with members of the Columbia Marines Recruit Station Wednesday morning.

The team's head coach heard about how these Marines have visited other schools and thought this would be a great opportunity for his players to get them even more pumped for the upcoming season. So when the Marines contacted him to see if they could come to a practice session, he got very excited.

"I'm pretty excited about it. I've never seen it actually, so I'm excited to see how its going to turn out and how the boys react to it," said Macon Football Head Coach Pete Claas.

"Be able to be in a combat situation and what comes about. It's also a great tool to get them physically fit for the upcoming season," said Marine Corps Recruiter Sgt. Sparte Nick.

When the team met with the Marines, they participated in a few warm-up activities such as an 800-meter run and lifting. After they were warmed up, it was time for the obstacle course.

"A nice little obstacle course to stimulate movement contact or movement of a firefight," Nick said.

"It's some team building skills. It's about working together and also pushing them a little bit beyond what their own limitations are," Claas said.

Even though it was hard and challenging at times, all the guys on the team did a great job and everyone involved hope it will help them become better people.

"It's just a feeling of teamwork that's number one and number two knowing that they can push themselves a little farther than they thought they could before," Class said.

"Pushing themselves to the limit and know there's no limits that are set for them," Nick said.