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      Local group strikes up fun at bowling fundraiser

      A bowling fundraiser was held at Leisure World in Kirksville.

      Sunday dozens of people were striking up some fun.

      A bowling fundraiser was held at Leisure World in Kirksville.

      The Practical Nursing Program at the Kirksville Area Technical Center put on the event.

      Organizers say they want people to enjoy and good time, while raising money to help potential LPNs get the knowledge they need.

      Leigha Howard, President of the Practical Nursing Program, tells us the event was for all ages.

      "It's a fundraiser for the PN program at the Kirksville votec and honestly we just thought--its a family oriented event," Howard said. "We wanted to get all of our kids and especially the people in the program, we don't get to hand outside of school so we though it'd be a good idea to get everyone and their families involved and try to get some members for the community involved."

      Many who are in the practical nursing program are trying to become LPNs and go on to get their RN degree.

      The money will go toward the practical nursing program, an annual convention and graduation expenses for the nursing group.