Local hunters attend deer processing workshop

Local hunters had the opportunity to learn some tips on the proper way to process a deer, thanks to the Missouri Department of Conservation.

The Conservation Department held a workshop, which covered the basic process of harvesting a deer from the field to the freezer, which included skinning, quartering, and the various cuts of meat. Processing a deer after it's been harvested is a great way to save money, and those who attended the class learned different ways to get the most use out of the different meat cuts. The class allowed those in attendance to brush up on the processing skills, which are great for all deer hunters to learn.

"It's a basic course. A lot of people that are coming to this class have processed a lot of meat and just want to pick up on a few more tips, different ways to cut the different cuts of meat out and make it look good, as well as different ways to make your burger taste a little bit better", said Rob Garver, a Missouri Department of Conservation Outdoor Skills Specialist.

Those who attended the class also got a hands on experience, and had the opportunity to make some jerky.