Local lady landowners attend farming workshop

Local lady landowners gathered Thursday morning to socialize and discuss the farming life.

A free workshop was held for the women who rent or operate the farm on their own or with someone else.

â??Some of these ladies are running their farms with their husbands; others have lost their spouses and are running their farms with adult children,â?? said Jennifer Schutter, Adair County Soil and Water Board Secretary. â??And this day gives them an opportunity just to come together and talk about the challenges they face on their farms and talk about concerns.â??

The class offered tips from how to grow unique produce to how property is titled.

How to deal with Missouri pests was another main draw to the workshop.

The workshop has gone on for countless years and the ladies say one of the main reasons they come back each year is to catch up with old friends.

â??In the ten years Iâ??ve been in this area I think Iâ??ve only missed one, maybe two and I also look forward to seeing folks that I havenâ??t seen maybe for a year,â?? said Jeanie Davis, workshop participant.

Please contact the Adair County Soil and Water Board with any questions at (660) 665-3274 (ext. 3).