Local library is encouraging reading at an early age

Reading has been shown to be the most important thing children should be learning once they're born, even before.

The Macon County Public Library does a story time session with young children and their parents every Monday morning at 10:30.

Librarians read a story to the kids and have them do writing and drawing activities and give reading activities to the parents to take home for the kids to continue their interactive skills.

They even have an eight-week summer reading program to help kids keep their minds fresh over the summer.

"It keeps them ready for when it's time to go back to school and hopefully their reading level is still up there when they left at the end of the year. Hopefully they found different books or more books to read that they've become interested in," said Librarian Teri Mayhew.

There's also entertainment and fun during these two reading programs at the Macon County Public Library.

Mayhew says both programs have been very successful in helping young children improve their reading skills.