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      Local meet very special for the Aquadogs

      Young swimmers from across the Heartland met in Kirksville to show off their skills.

      The Kirksville Aquadogs swim team held their 3rd annual swim meet Saturday morning at the outdoor pool at the Aquatic Center.

      The team invited three other teams from Ottumwa, Memphis, Mo., and Centerville, Iowa, to compete in various swim categories from the butterfly, to the freestyle and the backstroke.

      For the Aquadogs, this home meet is very special.

      "It's kind of like our Superbowl of the year. We do travel around to other team's meets, but it's a lot of fun to have our own meet here at home and host other teams. Our swimmers have worked so hard and they're doing a great job," said Aquadogs President Melissa Chapman.

      The Aquadogs has kids from ages six to 18 that meet year round and it is an excellent opportunity for kids to perfect their swimming techniques.

      The swim team thanks the Kirksville community and the Aquatic Center for all the support.

      For more information on the Aquadogs Swim Team, click here.