Local mother shares story behind 'Caring for Sharon'

There will also be a 5-K run held in Macon, Missouri at the Macon County Fairgrounds on June 21st to raise money for more medical expenses.

Christi Burkhart is a single mother of three and she says her youngest daughter's smile has a unique meaning.

"When they smile, it's meaningful."

"They" referring to those born with Mowat Wilson Syndrome.

Sharon Burkhart- Carrick is Christi's 6-year-old daughter and she was born with Mowat Wilson Syndrome and Hirschsprung's Disease.

"Her face was different. I was sitting there thinking something's different, but I wanted to block it like nothing could be wrong with her.

My grandma held her, my grandma Allice, and she saysâ?¦ Chrissy, something's wrong with this baby," said Burkhart.

Mowat Wilson Syndrome is a developmental condition affecting many parts of the body and in little Sharon's case, it's the colon.

"She was born with Hirsprungs, which is a neurological problem with the bowel. It doesn't function in the large colon. When she was born, they had to take it out," said Burkhart.

Sharon's been in and out of surgery over 13 times, she has a clostomy bag and a feeding tube. Christi says she admires her daughter's strength.

"There is only 43 percent of children that have Mowat and Hirschsprungs together. The other percent is just children with the Mowatts. She has both," said Burkhart

But Christi understands why she, herself, continues to push through and that's for the sake of her baby girl.

"I just know that she's too much of a perfect little girl to go through all of this. I want her home," said Burkhart.

There are donation bins in businesses throughout the city of Kirksville for Sharon's medical expenses. They are labeled "Caring for Sharon."

There will also be a 5K run held at the Macon County Fairgrounds in Macon, Missouri on June 21st to raise money for more medical expenses.

Christi and Sharon will be leaving to meet with a specialist in Columbus, Ohio shortly following the 5K.