Local musician fulfilling her dreams

Brooke Rochelle, 21, Downing, Mo.

This young heartland woman is fulfilling her dream. Since the age of 2, 21-year-old Brooke Mullinix, who goes by the stage name of Brooke Rochelle, has had music in her heart. Brooke Rochelle attends Middle Tennessee University and has already opened up for several big name artists and she said it is all about networking.

Brooke also writes her own songs, but said she loves to do it all. "I love to write,â?? she said. â??I love to connect with people. It's all about life stories and sharing that through many people without even talking to them; and any song can be taken any way from anyone and that's a great feeling."

During her interview with KTVO Mullinix shared with her song Bullet Proof. Brooke said her family has been great through it all. "I want to thank them so much for always helping me with all my dreams too."

Brooke Rochelle will be opening for Neal McCoy this year at the 2013 NEMO fair in Kirksville.