Local Navy Veteran receives a late honor

One local community gathered at the Nutrition Site in downtown Edina on Friday for an overdue presentation. â??They finally saw that I did need the thing,â?? said Navy Veteran Leslie Sheets.

Not too far from his heart, 92-year-old Sheets wears a Purple Heart- a badge of honor, one of the oldest and most recognized military medals in American History.

â??I'm pretty proud of it all; I think it's nice that they finally see that I did need the thing,â?? said Sheets.

After serving in World War II in 1944, Mr. Sheets had been promised a purple heart for the injuries he sustained. 70 years later, he was still without his badge.

â??A long time ago, when I was a little girl, my family would talk about dad's service and the fact that he was promised the Purple Heart and he never got it. My mother, who has been gone for a few years always wanted daddy to have it," said Sheetsâ?? daughter, Jan James.

Jan took on her mother's duties, jumping through loops to make sure her dad received his well-earned honor.

â??They sent us to another naval establishment and then they told us to go to a representative and from the representative to the congressman,â?? said James.

On March 28th 2014, A representative of U.S. Congressman Sam Graves presented Mr. Sheets his heroic medal. The Congressman had been contacted by Sheetsâ?? daughter about the Purple Heart and he then contacted the United States Navy to verify the honor.

â??We had a lot of military service folks here today and then were just excited to see him receive an award he deserved more than 70 years ago,â?? said Field Representative Aaron Baker.

â??They kept promising and promising. It really surprised me and I'm proud of all of them, the whole bunch,â?? said Sheets.