Local organizations reach out to help humane society

Local organizations are asking the Kirksville City Council for help when it comes to funding the Adair County Humane Society.

Currently, the city provides $27,000 a year to pay for the shelter. However, the shelter is spending $4,600 just in monthly operations.

Much of the shelter's income comes from citizen donations and pet adoptions. However with seasonal adoption lows, other organizations are reaching out to help. The presidents of Field of Dreams Rescue and the group , Kirksville Protect our Pets, wrote letters to Kirksville City Council and attended its meeting on July 2nd to express their concerns.

"The shelters the place where if there is a lost dog you can bring it there, and it will be reunited with their owner. The shelters a place for an abandoned animal where it's surrendered because someone needs to go to a hospital or nursing home. It's also the place for abused animals to be brought if law enforcement needs to penalize someone," said Bridget Thomas, of Kirksville Protect our Pets.

The Adair County Humane Society will be hosting a fundraiser at Colton's Steakhouse on July 28th. 10 percent of the meal proceeds will go toward funding the shelter.