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      Local parent concerned about school bus safety

      One local father is concerned drivers arenâ??t cautious enough as children are getting on and off of the school bus.

      â??He usually pulls his lights on at about a quarter and a half mile away from my house and people just seem to not slow down or they'll pull over in the left lane and go right by like oh well,â?? said Randy Perry.

      Perry lives just south of the Village of Millard and he walks his 12-year-old son to and from the bus stop in fear of a tragic accident.

      â??My son goes to La Plata Elementary School and he's been there for several years and it seems to be an ongoing thing,â?? said Perry.

      Sergeant Brent Bernhardt of the Missouri State Highway Patrol says law enforcement officers are looking closely at the situation.

      â??One thing that's very interesting about Missouri's law is that it only requires us to get the license plate number of the violating vehicle at which time if we can't determine the identity of the driver at the time of the stop arm violation, the registered owner can be issued a traffic summons for that violation,â?? said Bernhardt.

      The State Highway Patrol says every motorist on the roadway is required to stop in the event a bus driver has released the stop arm. The only exceptions are those drivers going in the opposite direction on a four lane highway.

      â??I will be in hopes that people would really stop to think about this because what kind of a price can you place on a child's life and what kind of person would just stand back and watch this kind of thing happen,â?? said Perry.

      Perry says he would like to see a new "bus zone" sign placed near his son's stop. If anyone is interested in helping with this initiative, send an email to