Local political parties hold county conventions

All across Iowa Saturday, local political parties held their respective political conventions.

In Wapello County, Democrats gathered at the UFCW Hall to hear local and state candidates speak. Candidates present also asked the crowd gathered for their support in the upcoming primary.

Republicans gathered at the Ottumwa Community Church. The participants also heard candidates speak.

KTVO spoke with both party chairs about their conventions.

"We have a platform committee. Planks are submitted at the caucus, and we have a platform committee that meets several times between the caucus and the convention; and we put it all together, and now we vote on it," said Melinda Jones, Chair of the Wapello County Democratic Party.

Trudy Caviness, the Chair of the Wapello County Republican Party explained to KTVO why people turn out to the local conventions.

"The big thing though for people here is a chance to hear all of the candidates; and so far we've had most of the candidates, we have a couple here still coming in. It is an opportunity because, a lot of these people, they come to smaller meetings, but they haven't had a chance to hear them," stated Caviness.

The elected delegates will now head to the district conventions in April, followed by the state convention which are held in June. Some delegates could have the honor of attending the national conventions which will be held in the fall.