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      Local post office changes hours of operation

      A town meeting is called to discuss a few changes that are coming to a local post office.

      The U.S. Postal Service is looking for ways to cut back.

      Hours of operation at the post office in Novinger are being cut in half.

      Before long, the Novinger Post Office will be open for only four hours a day.

      The lobby, which is the area for checking post office boxes, will be accessible 24 hours a day.

      â??When the postal service comes up with a POST plan back in May of 2012, they evaluated every post office and they put in the information on the revenue the office generated and the work load that the office had and that the office had determined whether it would be a two, four or six hour office,â?? says Cindy Bolles, Manager of Post Office Operations in Central Missouri.

      The purpose of the meeting was to give residents a chance to question the changes and to hear how many responded to a survey posted at the post office.

      That survey gave the community the opportunity to choose the reduced office hours or opt to have a Village Post Office.

      The Novinger Post Office's new hours will go into effect between late June and mid-July.