Local power company helping those that lost power due to Hurricane Isaac

Jared Shaw, Doug Byrn, Vance Frederick and Jake McAllister of Tri-County Electric Cooperative before they leave for Louisiana as they help with power outrages

In the wake of Hurricane Isaac that has hit the Gulf Coast, a few local Heartland men will be in the area lending a helping hand.

Jared Shaw, Doug Byrn, Vance Frederick and Jake McAllister all from Tri-County Electric Cooperative in Lancaster, Mo. and three service trucks will be in the Baton Rouge area to help out with power outrages they've suffered.

"Generally, when there's a state of emergency like this in the country what happens is there's a call that goes out all over the nation, and individuals from various cooperates go down to get members reconnected," said Tri-County Electric Cooperative General Manager Jane Bahler-Hurt.

As of Wednesday night, approximately 68,000 homes of the well over 100,000 homes in the area were without power.

By sending the four men down, Tri-County Electric Cooperative lose nearly a third of their workface as the men are likely to spend at least ten days in the area. On top of that, they will be working sixteen hour days. That's opposed to their ten-hour work days they are used to.