Local project will bring letters and packages to soldiers overseas this holiday

Letters and packages for soldiers can be dropped off at Hamilton Produce in Bloomfield and Ottumwa.

For many, the holidays are all about celebration and spending time with friends and family. For soldiers deployed overseas, receiving a letter or a package from a loved one, or even from a complete stranger, is the closest they will get to spending the holidays at home.

One community is looking to bring cheer this holiday season to soldiers and wounded warriors in Afghanistan.

For three years, Hamilton Produce in Bloomfield has collected letters, cards and packages to send to soldiers overseas and in combat hospitals to give them a taste of home.

"They give so much and I think that we owe it to them," said Heather Huggins, coordinator of the project. "They put their lives on the line, we need to do what we can to help them and their families."

Huggins said the soldiers love anything with touches of home, including handmade cards and cookies. Hygiene products, books, pillows and blankets or even little bags for them to keep their belongings in are also great items to send.

If you know someone serving overseas who would like a package, you can stop by Hamilton Produce in Bloomfield or Ottumwa to be sure that they receive a package.

The deadline to donate is November 28. The project is a local offshoot of a national program, and for more information, visit the Soldier's Angels website.