Local radio station gets national recognition

KTRM has over 100 students with over 30 different majors.

A Kirksville native, Geoffrey Woehlk, has brought home a prestigious award on behalf of a local college radio station, KTRM.

Out of 1,000 college radio station across the country, the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System awarded Woehlk with best station manager.

Also awarded was Brooke Giddens. She was awarded best program manager and was the fifth most nominated woman in the United States for the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System awards.

KTRM has over 100 students with over 30 different majors. The broad diversity within the station's confines allows for students to find their strong point which is a large reason for so many nominations for this radio station.

â??KTRM was the only school west of the Mississippi to have that many finalists in the first place and Brook of course is the most nominated woman west of the Mississippi and these are going up against big schools out in California and New York and to be able to compete with those and know that this is the kind of quality product that we can do even in a place like Kirksville that maybe you wouldn't think always has this kind of quality,â?? said Geoffrey Woehlk.

In the up and coming year, KTRM hopes to expand its online presence so people from around the world can enjoy its programming from right here in Kirksville.