Local RAGBRAI grant will fund tree-planting project

Now that the Iowa Department of Natural Resources has discovered the destructive Emerald Ash Borer in the City of Fairfield, the local RAGBRAI committee is doing something to help.

Organizers determined after this yearâ??s overnight stay by hundreds of participating bicyclists, they had approximately $17,000 in local grants to give to various non-profit organizations, and an additional $8,500 to go to what they call Legacy Projects, said to have a deep visual impact in Fairfield. RAGBRAI Committee President Michael Halley says collaborating with the Parks and Rec Department to replant trees in Central Park was a no-brainer.

â??Fairfield RAGBRAI knows that Central Park was the central hub of RAGBRAI here in town that day where all our event, entertainment and main events were located, and we want to assure that Central Park continues to have the same feel, being filled with big, beautiful trees in the future,â?? Halley said.

Halley says the tree-planting project will kick-off in spring and be an ongoing process for years to come. The second legacy grant goes to the installation of 18 bike racks for people utilizing the Fairfield Trails System.