Local sheriff talks about officer involved shootings during his career

With the recent shooting in Van Buren County that left one person dead, KTVO wanted to learn more about the policies that local law enforcement follow when it comes to these types of situations.

Wapello County Sheriff Don Kirkendall told KTVO that the public needs to realize that each situation is different, and that the deputy or officer have to make a split second decision that is going to keep not only the public safe, but the deputy or officer safe as well.

"It's tough, I mean, you've got to try to quickly say the right things that will make that person think for just a second; say hey, maybe I don't want to go through with this. You know, I am sure that is what they did in Van Buren County. Sometimes it doesn't work, and it obviously didn't in that situation. But you know, you want to fire that weapon as the last alternative, there is nothing left to do," Kirkendall said.

You can view the full interview with Sheriff Kirkendall above.

he sheriff shares some instances where he has encountered similar situations to the one in Van Buren County.