Local students learn about careers in the medical field

Students from four local school districts have a new appreciation for what it takes to have a career in healthcare. KTVO spent the day at the Scotland County Hospital learning about an interactive program they are now participating in.

The program began in November of 2011, thanks to a grant.

"Scotland County Hospital was awarded a grant from Missouri Foundation for Health, and with that, we came up with Med Club," said Kristin Hyde, Med Club Coordinator.

The club focuses on junior high and high school students.

"One thing we do try and encourage to these students is to make sure they realize the importance of setting goals at this age, and educate them on things that they can be doing to prepare them for their future," Hyde added.

Med Club allows roughly 200 students from surrounding counties to get a first hand glimpse inside what it's like to have a career in the medical field. The club is made up of students from Scotland, Schuyler, Clark, and Knox counties.

Med Club allows the students to participate in different activities such as job shadowing doctors at the Scotland County Hospital, attending medical conferences in St. Louis, and seeing how first responders and medical professionals respond to a 'mock accident'.

Students that participate in the club say it is nice to meet other students that share a common interest.

"I get to meet a bunch of new people that are interested in the medical field, so I don't feel like I'm the only one interested in this. I don't feel like a total nerd all of the time," said Riley Kliethermes, a student in Med Club.

Med Club also allows students to see other aspects of jobs in the medical field such as nursing and administrative positions.

"The thing about Med Club is we also try and educate them on different jobs in the medical field. It's not always your doctor or your physician, or surgeon," said Hyde.

Med Club is something that the school districts and Scotland County Hospital plan to offer in upcoming years. If interested in in scheduling a job shadowing experience at the hospital, please contact Kristin Hyde at