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      Local troops prepare for deployment

      The Macon-based 1438th Engineer Company of the Missouri Army National Guard, has received mobilization orders for an upcoming deployment to Afghanistan.

      More than 125 troops of the bridge-building unit underwent several specialized trainings to familiarize themselves with the bridging systems similar to those they will be working with in Afghanistan.

      These troops are from the Kirksville, Macon, Hannibal, and surrounding areas are ready to serve.

      Captain McClellan H. Gaono-Taiese, commander of the 1438th Engineering Company tells us the troops have actually been preparing for this deployment since January of 2011.

      "The soldiers in the company that are from the surrounding areas are proud soldiers," Cpt. Gaono said. "It's been 2005 was the last time this company was deployed and that was in Iraq. The soldiers are now getting a new opportunity, another opportunity to deploy and serve their country and are proud to do it."

      Captain Gaono tells us the troops will be heading to Afghanistan sometime after June and will be on a nine-month tour.

      They will be dismantling bridges, packing them up and preparing them for shipment back to the United States.