Locals spring forward into gardening

As spring continues to feel like summer, more than 100 people attended a daylong Gardening seminar to learn more about how to get their crops in order.

The event was hosted by the Adair County University of Missouri Extension office.

The purpose of the event is to persuede people to grow their own vegetables. Some of the topics discussed included how to grow root crops and how to prepare the food you cook in your garden.

Jennifer Schutter, one of the presentors, said good soil is key to having a productive garden.

"Gardening starts with the soil," said Jennifer Schutter, a Horticulture Specialist with the University of Missouri Extension Office. "You need to make sure that you have good soil and you can start by doing a soil test."

"Amend your may need to add organic matter, compost your soil. You want a good loose soil so that's one of the most important things when starting a garden."

Schutter also said adding flowers like Merigolds to your garden will repel insects and therefore reduce the need to use pesticides.

If you'd like more information on how to start your own garden, you can visit your county extension office.