Look for the green symbol

Macon County kicked off its new recycling program at Macon Diversified Industries.

The Macon County Economic Development received a grant from the Mark Twain Solid Waste Management District, Region G, funded by the Missouri Department of Natural Resouces. This grant will be used to fund four recycle collection trailers.

They will be placed in the smaller communities of Macon County including: Atlanta, Callao and New Cambria, Bevier and La Plata.

These recycle trailers will be accessible at all times starting Monday, November 21st. They are silver in color with a green recycling symbol. They will be parked in a lot somewhere close to City Hall for each community.

Trailer donations should consist of clean and dry cardboard, paper, plastic, small aluminum cans and aluminum beverage cans. Accepted recyclables are also listed on the side of each trailer and should be bagged upon dropping them off.

When full, the trailers will be picked up, emptied and returned by employees of Macon Diversified Industries and Sheltered Workshop in Macon.

Dede Spidle, Macon Diversified Industries Production Manager said, "They will enable a better convenience for bringing the recyclable materials to use rather than driving clear into town to drop them off. The facility is always open to receiving materials donated from any business or personal resident."

The new program hopes to increase the recyclables, heighten the awareness of recycling within the community and to create jobs for disabled workers.

For any additional questions please contact Macon Diversified Industries at 660-385-3111.