Look out for dangerous toys on the shelves this season

Holiday shoppers should be cautious when shopping for childrenâ??s toys this season.

The Missouri Public Interest Research Group has surveyed toy shelves around the state to locate all potentially hazardous toys.

The hazardous toys can range from toxins and tiny magnets to choking-prone items and loud noise-makers.

Carol Hogan of the Missouri Public Interest Group says lead is also a big hazard in toys. Although there have not been many ways proven effective to test the safety of toys while shopping, Hogan suggests keeping your purchases age appropriate.

â??I think that the biggest deal is just to be a very wise shopper... when it says on the package that it is for children three and over or eight and over that doesn't mean that you should buy it and let them grow into it. Make sure that the toy is age appropriate for the child,â?? said Hogan.

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