Looking back on the deadly tornadoes

Four miles northeast of Milan off of Highway Y is where it all began on the evening of May 13th, 2009. At 5:35 p.m. an EF1 tornado touched down on the residence of Paul and Joyce Green destroying the mobile home and taking 56-year-old Joyce Green TMs life. Paul Green was working on a metal shed on the residence and his life was spared. He is currently rebuilding a home on the same property.

That same super cell thunderstorm continued to head east along Highway 6 causing much more damage and its wrath was even felt in Novinger.

The tornado didn TMt touch down again until just outside of Novinger. But six miles ESE of Green City a funnel cloud was spotted. Fortunately the damage between Milan and Novinger was very minimal with downed power lines and tree limbs.

On the south side of Novinger the tornado caused a lot of damage. Because of structure damage the Novinger Baptist Church had to be demolished. The congregation has been raising money over the past year and they do have plans to rebuild it.

Next the tornado headed south and then east along Highway 6. It caused down power lines and damage to a lot of tree limbs.

After leaving its mark on Novinger, the twister headed eastward toward Kirksville. At its third stop the twister turned deadly once again.

Just a couple miles northwest of Kirksville, Alisha Brune and Gus Ochoa were killed when the twister leveled their manufactured home. A year later the damage is still evident.

But the storm wasn TMt done yet.

After gaining strength and becoming an EF2 tornado reaching winds in excess of 115mph, just a little after 6:00 the tornado ripped through Jim Robertson TMs car dealership. Cars were flipped upside down, windows were shattered, and virtually every vehicle on the lot was damaged.

Then the tornado crossed Highway 63 heading straight for the Lakeside Estates subdivision. The damage was devastating. Garage doors crumpled, windows were blown apart, and roofs were ripped off. A year later residents are still trying to pick up the pieces.

May 13, 2009 was one of the worst severe weather outbreaks this area has ever seen. It took less than an hour for the storms to move through the area but they left a permanent mark on these communities.