Lunch and Learn for Young Professionals

Tuesday afternoon, young professionals in Kirksville combined lunch with valuable information on becoming successful adults.

The Kirksville Young Professionals group held their Lunch and Learn meeting at Bank Midwest downtown.

The Lunch and Learn meetings are held every month. At every meeting, the group discusses topics such as financial decisions, politics and other subjects that apply in their world.

Tuesday's topic was household budgeting.

Courtney Bonnell, President of the Kirksville Young Professionals, said the meetings are important because young people learn life lessons they may not have been exposed to in a short amount of time.

â??We hold the Lunch and Learns just to try to help them learn about something they may not have the opportunity to know otherwise without going out and doing their own research. We are very busy people so time is a very expensive resource for us,â?? Bonnell said.

If you would like more information on the Kirksville Young Professionals group or are interested in joining, email