Macon Area Education Center encourages many to get their GED

3,000...that is the number of people in Macon County that have not received their high school diploma.

But the Macon Area Education Center says it's never too late to get a GED. The center is encouraging those who want to complete their high school education to do so.

The center has a successful GED Program that offers classes five mornings a week, from 8:30 to 11:30, and three evenings a week, from 5 to 8. The classes are for ages 17 and up.

They even have a program for high school seniors who need to catch up with credits to graduate on time.

The center's staff says it is always a rewarding experience for the students.

"That's usually a really good day. It's exciting to get the results back. Once a year in July, we have a graduation. It's just like a high school graduation. We have a speaker, someone comes and sings, and we do caps and gowns. It's really nice," said Shandra Clark of the Macon Area Education Center.

The center is having their next GED Program orientation on December 4. If you want more information on the Macon Area Education Center GED Program, call (660) 395-8060.