Macon County Commissioners propose jail and courthouse renovation plans

Macon County Commissioners have proposed a plan to construct a new jail and renovate the courthouse.

Currently, the courthouse offices are in two separate buildings, and the renovation would connect the two. The Macon County Jail would also be completely rebuilt, and connected to the courthouse to make the transportation of inmates to court easier. The current jail is across the street from the courthouse. Macon County citizens will have the opportunity to vote on the proposed project come April 8th. If the measure is defeated, the Macon County Jail will be closed, and inmates will be transported and housed elsewhere at taxpayers' expense.

"The Grand Jury has condemned our jail, so it will be closed. The judge actually gave us a time to present this plan to the public so that they can you know, view it," said Alan Wyatt, Macon County Commissioner.

The funding for the projects would come from a 1/2 cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax and a 1/4 cent Law Enforcement Sales Tax. Macon County Commissioners encourage the surrounding communities to ask questions about the importance of the project at public meetings held around the area.

Public Meeting Dates:

February 24 - Ethel City Hall - 7:00PM

February 25 - Macon Expo Center - 7:00PM

March 3 - LaPlata Elementary - 7:00PM

March 4 - Atlanta School - 7:00PM

March 6 - New Cambria School - 7:00PM

March 10 - Bevier School - 7:00PM

March 25 - Macon Expo Center - 7:00PM