Macon County is Storm Ready

With how the weather been shaping up so far this year...Macon County wants residents to know that they are storm ready.

Macon County was certified Storm Ready last month by the National Weather Service in Kansas City.

Storm Ready is a national program that gives communities the skills and education needed to survive severe weather.

Macon County Emergency Manager Mike Shively said this was one of his major goals when he took the job and was excited with the news.

"For the citizens of macon county, it means we are on our A game. We are always ready to respond to any severe weather threat whether it's big or small. We are on the top of our game for what the weather brings," Shively said.

Macon County is one of 44 counties that fall under the Kansas City NWS Office. They helped Macon County improve its weather warnings and create a new plan for emergency workers to make sure residents were better prepared for dangerous weather.

Shively says the big weather events in 2011 such as the February snowstorm and the Joplin tornado were wake up calls to make sure they were ready for any storm.