Macon County LEPC holds meeting to discuss Hazmat training

One local county is discussing ways to best be prepared in the event of an emergency.

The Macon County Local Emergency Planning Committee held its monthly meeting Monday evening. The committee has a number of different training sessions every year. Last year, 8 different training sessions were held dealing with different ways to handle chemical emergencies.

The LEPC discussed putting on several different training classes with the local fire and police departments to help prepare in the event of a major emergency, such as a local chemical spill and dealing with a Hazmat situation.

"Our fire, law enforcement, and EMS personal need to be trained in Hazmat and it's not something we use everyday, so we need to have repeated trainings so we keep updated on it and keep it fresh so we know what to do when we get there," said Jeff Stacy, Macon County LEPC Chairman.

The training sessions for dealing with a Hazmat and chemical emergency will be announced later this month after the LEPC hears back from the state.