Macon County LEPC plan Capstone 14 Drill

The Macon County Local Emergency Planning Committee held their monthly meeting Monday.

The committee is in the process of planning a drill in partnership with the Macon Fire Department. The drill will be Capstone 14. Capstone 14 is a drill preparing communities for an earthquake.

Eight state Emergency Management Agencies, including the Show-Me-State, participate in the drill. The Macon Fire Department will be participating in Capstone 14 along with Randolph County. They are also looking for other fire departments and emergency response teams to participate.

"When you are actually doing a drill, nobody's life is at risk, and so you have the time and you're not under as much stress and you can go back and think of what you need to do different for the real emergency," said Cindy Malloy, of the Macon County LEPC.

The Macon Fire Department and the Local Emergency Planning Committee will be participating in the drill on Saturday, June 14.