Macon County needs a new jail

Macon County Sheriff's Office and other officals are getting new plans in place for a new jail.

Macon County residents may be facing an issue on next year's April ballot that could determined the future of the Macon County Jail.

The jail, which has been around since the early 1900's, has been showing signs of structural deterioration for the last few years.

The Macon County Sheriff's Office is now doing a jail study, along with the county commissioners, consultants and architects, to see what they need and to get a plan in place for a new jail to be attached to the Macon County Courthouse.

With that, a capital improvement tax issue could be placed on next year's ballot to help collect funds for the new jail to be built.

Macon County Sheriff Kevin Shoemaker told KTVO that this plan is long overdue and wants the public to know that something needs to be done now before the jail becomes a safety and security concern.

"It's obvious we need a new jail and a courthouse complex. Conditions are severely deteriorating right now. I want to inform the public as much as I can and discuss possible scenarios and let them know why we need a new jail," Shoemaker said.

Shoemaker said the jail study will conclude in the next few weeks and county officials will look over it to determine the next few steps.

Shoemaker also said to expect plenty of meetings to get the public's opinion on the new jail.