Macon County Park Board of Directors asks you to vote yes on sales tax

The Macon County Park board of directors is asking you to vote yes on the sales tax increase on April 2. The sales tax will be instated for 3 years and it will raise the sales tax a quarter of one percent. The money would go toward capital improvements at Macon County Park. They hope to install bathrooms on the east and north side of the park, make repairs on existing facilities, replace playground equipment, place trash cans throughout the park, and much more.

â??You know we talk all the time about economic development what the past improvements for the park has done as far as drawing people to Macon. We actually do it for the citizen's benefit for a fine recreational benefit, but it brings a lot of people to town on weekends whether it's demolition derby [or] tractor pull. Thereâ??s just events going on here all the time,â?? said Jim Petre President of the Macon County Park Board of Directors.

Jim Petre also says nicer facilities will attract more visitors to Macon which will increase sales and revenue for Macon and surrounding areas.